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  • The Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs' Association has utilized the services of Mastagni Holstedt, A Professional Corporation for over 30 years. During my tenure as Association President there has not been one situation that the firm could not handle... Read more >

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Mastagni Holstedt, A Professional Corporation
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Northern California Location
1912 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
916-446-4692 Phone
916-447-4614 Fax
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Southern California Location
3400 Inland Empire Blvd, #101
Ontario, CA 91764
877-212-6907 Phone
Other Locations in Whittier, Chico, Stockton and San Jose

Get Help With a Personal Injury Matter in California

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury, one of our experienced personal injury lawyers at Mastagni Holstedt can help. We understand that an accident is stressful and can cause enormous hardship. We are a large law firm with the highest level of experience, resources, convenient and strategic  locations throughout California to help resolve your case on the most favorable terms possible.

Our personal injury lawyers capable manage legal claims resulting from car accidents and other vehicle collisions, slip and falls, and construction accidents. Our practice also includes workers' compensation claims, dog bites and social security disability.

To serve you, we have offices at the following locations:

Sacramento Law Office
1912 I Street
Sacramento, CA  95811

Ontario Law Office
3400 Inland Empire Blvd, #101
Ontario, CA  91764

Stockton Law Office
110 N. San Joaquin St., 4th floor
Stockton, CA  95202

Pleasanton Law Office
6689 Owens Drive, Suite 100
Pleasanton, CA  90605

Whittier Law Office
13925 Whittier Blvd.
Whittier , CA  95811

Redwood City Law Office
2421 Broadway Street
Redwood City, CA  94063