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Frank Terreri is an Associate in the Labor & Employment Department of Mastagni Holstedt, APC, representing public sector employees in administrative and disciplinary investigations, hearings, and critical incident investigations. Mr. Terreri obtained his JD from Northwestern California University School of Law. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies from the National Labor College of the George Meany Center in Silver Spring, Maryland, earning an Outstanding Scholar Award.

Mr. Terreri is a retired Supervisory Federal Air Marshal (FAM) with over 32 years of law enforcement experience and 27 years in union and association leadership, dedicating equal time to union/associational representational activities and law enforcement. After serving 4 years as an Infantry Squad Leader in the 24th Infantry Division, Mr. Terreri commenced his law enforcement career as a New York State Correctional Officer in Sing Sing Correctional Facility. He then became a Border Patrol Agent, where he began his union activity serving as National Border Patrol Council Local 1613 President in San Diego. During his service as a law enforcement officer, he represented countless federal agents in Grievance Procedures, Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs), and Arbitrations, filing disclosures with the Office of Special Counsel and filing appeals with the Merit System Protection Board in order to promote an effective federal workforce free of prohibited personnel practices.

Following the horrific attacks of 9/11, Mr. Terreri was one of the first Federal Air Marshals hired to be deployed on US Flights to deter, detect, and defend against any future terrorist attacks. He served as the Chief Training Officer overseeing Firearms, Defensive Measures, and Mission Tactics for the San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco FAM field Offices. During the majority of his tenure of Supervisory Federal Air Marshal, he served as the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) National FAM President, where he vigorously fought for the rights and safety of thousands of FAMs and the passengers they swore to protect. Mr. Terreri also served as FLEOA National Legislative Director, representing 28,000 federal law enforcement officers from over 65 federal agencies, drafting and presenting legislation to members of Congress, earning buy-in from both sides with finesse, balancing union and workers’ rights with law enforcement support by rationally explaining position to elicit buy-in for membership concerns.

As the FAM Agency President for FLEOA, Mr. Terreri attempted to work within the system to change Department of Homeland Security (DHS) policies that equally endangered FAMs and the American public. In the course of his duties representing the FAM membership, Mr. Terreri partook in multiple interviews with high profile media outlets regarding the inane and dangerous DHS policies. Due to these actions, Mr. Terreri was summarily placed on administrative leave, for over a 6-month period, by DHS senior officials who initiated several unfounded investigations against him. The ACLU of Southern California accepted Mr. Terreri’s case and represented him in the filing of a Complaint For Injunctive And Declaratory Relief against Michael Chertoff, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. The complaint detailed speech-restrictive regulations implemented and enforced against Federal Air Marshals by the United States government that violated Mr. Terreri’s right to free expression and to petition the government as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, and his right to equal protection as guaranteed by the Due Process Clause of Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution. The complaint Injunctive And Declaratory Relief was successful and the findings of all the investigations against Mr. Terreri were unfounded. He was now allowed to speak freely on behalf of his membership and returned to full duty status. The victory brought a change in Department of Homeland Security policies and procedures to ensure Federal Air Marshals could maintain their covert status required to best safeguard the public.

Personal Achievements
  • United States Army – Infantry – 4 years
  • New York State Correctional Officer – 6 years
  • United States Border Patrol Agent – 6 years
  • United States Deportation Officer – 1 year
  • United States Supervisory Federal Air Marshal – 20 years (retired)
  • AFGE/National Border Patrol Council Local 1613 San Diego President
  • Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) Federal Air Marshal Agency President
  • FLEOA National Legislative Vice President
  • J.D., Northwestern California University School of Law – (2021)
  • B.A., National Labor College of the George Meany Center – Silver Spring, Maryland (Labor Studies) – 2000
Bar Admissions
  • California State Bar, 2022