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Helicopter Accidents

California Helicopter Accident Lawyers

Sacramento-based firm handles cases stemming from aircraft accidents statewide

Helicopters have a wide range of commercial uses, and some Californians even ride them for personal transportation when traffic or natural conditions make driving difficult. While most helicopter trips end safely, poor weather, negligent operations, mechanical failures and other factors have contributed to some high-profile tragedies. Legal claims arising out of helicopter accidents can be very complex and highly contested, so it is critical to have an experienced injury attorney in your corner. Mastagni Holstedt, APC has established a strong reputation for delivering exceptional results for clients injured in all types of aircraft accidents. From our home office in Sacramento and our other locations throughout the state, we pursue maximum compensation for helicopter crash victims and their families. 

Common causes of helicopter crashes

Our firm handles a full range of helicopter accident claims, including matters where the crash can be traced to one of the following causes:

  • Human error — Violations of FAA rules and other mistakes made by pilots frequently are cited as the reason for accidents. We also look at potential mistakes from other individuals, such as mechanics, when assessing legal liability.
  • Air traffic — When there is a lot of traffic in the skies due to a crime scene, media event or some other reason, a lack of proper control could lead to a collision.  
  • Mechanical failures — When defective aircraft parts or a failure to keep a chopper properly maintained contribute to an accident, we take action against the negligent parties.
  • Poor weather Fog, rain, smog and other adverse conditions should compel helicopter pilots to take appropriate safety measures or cancel their flight entirely. 

Many victims of helicopter crashes do not survive, and many who do are never the same again. We provide comprehensive legal support so that plaintiffs can obtain the payment they need to cover their medical costs, lost income, home modifications, long-term care and other economic expenses, as well as non-economic damages including pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement and loss of enjoyment in their lives. 

Attorneys represent plaintiffs in aviation injury claims

Following an aviation accident, debris that offers clues as to what happened might be destroyed or spread over a very large area. Helicopters are not usually required to have “black box” recorders that keep track of flight data. To help make the strongest possible argument for plaintiffs in helicopter accident cases, we bring on seasoned pilots and other experts who can develop a coherent narrative as to what occurred based on the available evidence. From there, we represent clients in lawsuits and insurance claims to hold the liable parties accountable. Due to the high damage amounts associated with these personal injury and wrongful death cases, defendants, along with their lawyers and insurers, often contest worthy claims vigorously, so you need to have an advocate on your side with a track record of winning tough cases. 

Contact a California helicopter accident attorney to schedule a free consultation 

Mastagni Holstedt, APC seeks compensation for California victims of helicopter accidents and their families. Our firm has offices in Sacramento, Rancho Cucamonga, Pleasanton, Redwood City and Stockton so that we can serve clients statewide. You can schedule a free initial consultation by calling or contacting us online. We don’t collect attorney’s fees unless your case is settled or won. 

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