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John Coburn is a Labor Relations Consultant in the Labor and Employment department at Mastagni, Holstedt A.P.C. In his current role, John serves as the Chief spokesperson for more than twenty of the firm’s clients. He negotiates Memorandum of Understandings, Side Letter agreements, meditates disputes and conducts meet and confers for management personnel, nurses, fire personnel, police officers, police employees, and civilian employees.

John possesses extensive experience in classification and compensation studies, contract costing and has vast knowledge and training in researching and compiling data for negotiations and total compensation surveys. He has assisted public agencies with creating, editing and negotiating policies and personnel rules. John supports Board Members with Association leadership training and advises on best practices. He will attend Board and general membership meetings when requested to help provide guidance on a wide range of subjects including: Roberts’s Rules of Order, association leadership, labor issues, political advice and long-term strategies.

John has substantial undergraduate work focusing on paralegal studies, with a concentration in Torts and Contracts, Business Law, Legal Research, and Ethics. He possesses a background in management and human resources with more than a decade of experience with several national private sector employers.