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Ladder Accidents

California Ladder Accident Lawyers

Firm in Sacramento handles cases stemming from ladder and scaffolding falls

Construction work and other jobs where ladders or scaffolds are used require the utmost care from everyone involved. Failure to inspect the apparatus or provide personal protective equipment could lead to a catastrophic fall. Mastagni Holstedt, APC advocates on behalf of Californians in legal matters arising from ladder and scaffold accidents. Whether you are seeking damages for your medical bills and lost income, or are bringing a wrongful death action in response to a fatal fall, we will thoroughly investigate the circumstances and press for appropriate legal relief. 

Factors that contribute to ladder and scaffold injuries

More workers die from falls than any other cause except for vehicle accidents, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). To address this, OSHA and other government agencies have enacted strict rules regarding safety measures when construction or other work is being performed high above the ground. Still, thousands of serious falls occur each year, for reasons such as:

  • Defective equipment — One broken ladder rung or loose board on a construction scaffold might be all it takes to trigger a catastrophic fall. If defective equipment led to the injury in your case, we well determine if the problem resulted from poor manufacturing or a failure to perform critical maintenance. 
  • Unsafe workplaces — Busy worksites sometimes have a large number of people and machines doing various tasks. Moving a ladder slightly or misplacing someone’s personal protective equipment might be the factor that leads to a catastrophic injury. 
  • Lack of protective measures — Harnesses, guardrails and other forms of fall protection are required when someone is working on a ladder more than 24 feet above the ground. If a ladder is not safe, scaffolding is necessary if there is no existing permanent or solid construction at least 20 inches wide.   

Whether the accident in your case is linked to one of these factors or not, we will make every legal effort to get you the payment you deserve. 

Workers’ compensation claims arising from ladder and scaffold accident cases

A significant portion of ladder and scaffold injury claims involve victims who were on the job when they fell. In these cases, our firm can help them apply for workers’ compensation benefits without proving that any party was at fault. Under workers’ comp, injured employees are reimbursed for their medical costs and a portion of the wages they’ve lost. There is also a death benefit for families of employees who suffered fatal workplace accidents. Workers and their loved ones are barred from bringing personal injury and wrongful death cases against employers. However, it is possible to collect the types of damages not provided by workers’ comp if a third party was responsible for an employee’s injury.  

Filing a personal injury lawsuit after a serious fall

Falls from a ladder or scaffold are capable of causing severe injuries that can require multiple surgeries, long rehabilitation periods and permanent changes to one’s lifestyle. Our firm works with medical experts and others to develop a detailed perspective on the effects of our client’s injuries. From there, we aggressively seek appropriate compensation through an insurance claim or a lawsuit, if necessary. Our lawyers guide plaintiffs skillfully through the legal process, as we engage in discovery, file motions and advocate for them at trial in the event that a fair settlement offer is not made. 

Get a free consultation from a California lawyer if you were hurt in a ladder accident 

Mastagni Holstedt, APC represents Californians in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits stemming from ladder accidents. We offer free consultations and don’t charge legal fees unless you receive payment in a settlement or verdict. You can call or contact us online for an appointment. Our offices are in Sacramento, Rancho Cucamonga, Pleasanton, Redwood City and Stockton. 

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