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1912 I Street | Sacramento, CA 95811

Kristina Wicker-Estes served in Law Enforcement for 25+ years. Kristina started her career in 1997 at Sutter County Sheriff Department where she spent the next 16 years. Kristina also worked at CSU Chico PD for 5 years and retired from Marysville PD after 5 years.

During Kristina’s tenure, she held many positions: Correctional Commissary Officer, Correctional Technician, Correctional Officer and Public Safety Dispatcher. During her career, Kristina held many special assignments such as background investigator, training officer, Officer in Charge duties Classification Officer, Fire Safety Officer, Reserve Coordinator, billing, budgeting and secretarial duties.

Kristina spent several years on employee association boards. Kristina was the Treasure of the DSA for 3 years and the Marysville POA for 4 years, which included maintaining the finances and assisting the president with negotiation preparation. Additionally, she participated in several negotiation teams. Kristina has experience with sworn and non-sworn bargaining groups.
Kristina has an Associates of Science Degree from Yuba Community College and Advanced Post Certification.