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Loss of Hearing

California Accident Lawyers Assist Victims of Loss of Hearing 

Injury attorneys based in Sacramento represent plaintiffs throughout the state

Experiencing hearing loss weakens your ability to enjoy the world around you and to communicate with people. Partial or total deafness can also be dangerous if proper accommodations are not made. If you’ve suffered auditory difficulty because of an accident caused by someone else or by a loud work environment, Mastagni Holstedt, APC is ready to help you secure compensation to cover medical expenses, hearing aids and the physical and emotional pain associated with hearing loss. From our home office in Sacramento and locations throughout California, our seasoned litigators represented victims of loss of hearing in personal injury lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims. 

Firm litigates hearing loss cases related to accidents, loud workplaces and defective products

Our firm advocates for Californians who have lost all or part of their hearing for reasons such as: 

  • Workplace exposure — Working in a loud environment over a long period of time can degrade an employee’s hearing, particularly if suitable earplugs or other noise-reduction measures are not used. Employers should be aware of the risks to their workers’ hearing from exposure to high-decibel noises such as a loud machine on a factory floor or a jackhammer on a construction site.
  • Accidents —People can experience auditory difficulties after a head injury from an auto accident, a fall or an assault. In addition to blunt force contact, deafness can be triggered by sharp objects that pierce the inside of a victim’s ear. 
  • Defective products — Earplugs used by the military to protect service members’ ears against noise from artillery have been found to be defective, leading to hearing loss and other severe medical conditions. If you believe that you’ve been harmed because a product supposedly designed to protect your ears did not work, we can advise if there is a potential claim against the manufacturer. 

Whatever your hearing loss claim entails, we will pursue full compensation from the liable parties. 

Types of hearing loss

There are three compartments to the human ear, and damage within any single one of them could affect an individual’s hearing. Conductive hearing loss occurs when sounds are unable to travel through a victim’s outer or middle ear. This could be caused by perforation of the eardrum occurring in a car accident, an assault or an incident where a sharp object penetrates the ear canal. Damage to the inner ear, sometimes caused by exposure to loud noises, can trigger sensorineural hearing loss. With this condition, nerves from the inner ear do not correctly transmit sounds to the brain. It is possible to have both types of hearing loss. Whatever your particular condition entails, our firm will consult with experts to prove the link between your hearing loss and a defendant’s actions. 

Litigators file personal injury claims involving total and partial deafness

Auditory problems can affect you in many different ways. Though hearing aids and surgery may relieve some of the symptoms, many victims never fully recover. Hearing loss might cause someone to lose their job and experience emotional distress as they try to adapt to their disability. We will press for maximum compensation for all types of harm stemming from your hearing loss. In a personal injury claim, you could collect damages for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, assistance you require to meet your daily needs and adaptations that must be made to your residence to accommodate your condition. Our attorneys aggressively pursue careless drivers, businesses that fail to guard against dangerous noise levels and other liable parties. 

Contact a California lawyer for a free consultation if you lost your hearing in an accident  

Mastagni Holstedt, APC represents Californians who suffered partial or complete hearing loss as a result of someone else’s negligence. To schedule a free consultation about a potential legal claim, please call or contact us online. You will not pay attorneys’ fees unless you receive compensation in a verdict or settlement. Our offices are located in Sacramento, Rancho Cucamonga, Pleasanton, Redwood City and Stockton.

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